NC State Troopers Arrested For Writing Traffic Tickets And Never Giving Them To Drivers


Two NC State Troopers have just been arrested for writing numerous traffic tickets and never giving them to drivers.

Christopher Carter and Jason Benson were NC State Troopers working in Harnett County, which is located between Fayetteville and Raleigh, about 100 miles East of Charlotte;

According to a press release from the NC State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), Carter and Benson have both been charged with numerous counts of obstruction of justice, failure to discharge duty, and making false returns of process.

“Most of the citations stemmed from single car accidents or abandoned vehicles, in some cases, the two troopers charged individuals and failed to serve the citations,” the SBI noted in their report. “The victims didn’t know they had been charged, therefore they didn’t show up for their court date(s). As a result, arrest warrants were issued for some while others had their driver’s licenses suspended.”

Benson and Carter have since been removed from the force.

They both turned themselves in to SBI agents yesterday morning.

The SBI is continuing their investigation into ticket-writing in Harnett County.