NC Sheriff Deputies Uncover Illegal Moonshine Operation


Burke County Sheriff Deputies have just uncovered an illegal moonshining operation in Morganton, NC (about 60 miles northwest of Charlotte).

Authorities discovered the operation after receiving a tip about some moonshiners near Old Highway 18. The property owner was cited for manufacturing and possessing non-tax-paid liquor.

According to the press release, “the still, and 15 quarts of non-tax paid brandy were seized. 140 gallons of mash was destroyed.”;

While the Burke County Sherrif’s Department certainly sees this as a win, those who commented under the post didn’t seem to agree:

North Carolina has a long history of producing illegal moonshine – it’s even thought that NASCAR was first started by illegal moonshine drivers.

Even though we now have a wide selection of bars and liquer stores in our state, illegal mooneshine operations continue to be a problem.

It’s usually hard to know the exact alcohol content of illegal moonshine, and cheap additives or incorrect processing could cause blindness or other serious health issues for consumers.