NC Racetrack Stages Fake ‘Protest’ To Let Fans Pack The Stands For This Weekend’s Races


A North Carolina racetrack is now creating controversy online after opening their track up to fans in spite of North Carolina’s Phase 2 restrictions by saying the event was being held “in peaceful protest of injustice and inequality everywhere”.

Under the current ‘Phase 2’ restrictions, outdoor gatherings, including car races, are limited to a maximum gathering size of 25 people, except for any gathering that fits under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, including protests.

Ace Speedway in Elon, North Carolina, attempted to skirt past the rules by posting the following sign outside of the track during the races this past weekend:

The live video from the race clearly show that the stands are mostly packed with far more than 25 people and little social distancing taking place:

The responses online have been mixed, with some supporting the decision, and others speaking out against it:

What do you think about the stunt?