NC Museum Unveils First Oviraptorosaur Eggs Ever Discovered In America


This past week, the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences just unveiled the first Oviraptorosaur eggs ever discovered in America.

The eggs come from a feathered dinosaur that looked like a cross between a giant chicken and a velociraptor and stood about as tall as a house. The creatures grew long feathers, beaks, and walked on two long legs with massive talons at the end of each foot.

They were unveiled to a room full of children by Lindsay Zanno, the museum’s head paleontologist;

The animal that laid the nest of eggs now on display at Raleigh’s museum represents a brand new North American species of Oviraptorosaur, which has yet to be given an official name.

Scientists at the museum will spend the next year slowly uncovering what they believe to be many as 10 more eggs inside of the petrified cluster.

The entire exhibit is now on display at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences, 11 West Jones St., Raleigh, NC