NC House Votes To Override Cooper’s Veto of Easy Access Gun Bill


Today, the NC House voted to override Governor Cooper’s first veto of the session concerning legislation aimed at easing gun restrictions in our state. The House voted 71-45 to override the veto of Senate Bill 41, which would remove all handgun purchase permit laws, and allow for increased access of gun owners on church and school grounds. Governor Cooper vetoed the bill on Friday after it was ratified by the House and Senate.

If enacted, the bill would eliminate the current requirement for handgun owners to apply for permits through county sheriff’s offices, which mandates criminal background checks and allows sheriff’s offices to determine whether an applicant should be permitted to own a handgun.

According to Governor Cooper’s office, the bill would remove the authority of sheriffs to deny a permit if they believe an applicant exhibits signs of mental illness, is aware of unrecorded domestic abuse incidents in a national database, or demonstrates other indicators that the applicant could pose a threat to themselves or others.

What do you think about the new bill?

Do you think it would make our state safer?