NC House Speaker Invites President To North Carolina To Deliver State of The Union Address


NC House Speaker Tim Moore has just invited President Trump to our state to deliver his State of The Union Address.

In a letter sent to the White House, Republican Speaker Moore told the President;

“I am honored to invite you to speak to the American people in this year’s State of the Union address from the North Carolina House of Representatives.”

The annual State of The Union speech from the US House was put in question when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that the President either delay this year’s address or give it in writing due to security concerns during the current partial government shutdown.

In his letter, NC House Speaker Moore told the president that he believes taking his message “outside of the nation’s gilded capital to a state government venue reflects the priorities of your administration, and those of our Congress, to create success not only for federal institutions and programs but for the American people they serve.”

He went on to explain why he thinks the President shouldn’t delay the address;

“During this critical period for leaders of our country to listen to one another, reach compromises on disagreements, and resolve to work together to reopen our nation’s government, it is essential that citizens of the United States hear directly from their elected President on these efforts.”

Do you think the president should come to our state to give his address?