NC House Bill 910 Would Spend $56 Million To Stop Human Trafficking In Our State


human-trafficking-in-charlotteAs Charlotte’s population continues to grow, and our road and airport traffic continues to increase our city is becoming an even greater focal point in the war on human trafficking.

According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, there is now an average of 78 sex trafficking cases every year in North Carolina, and Charlotte is the #1 city.

Last week, Rep. Bill Brawley from Matthews introduced a new bill that would spend over $56 million to help victims and to train students and police to recognize the signs of trafficking and stop them – so far over 40 other lawmakers have also co-signed the bill.

House Bill 910 would set aside $37.5 million for victim shelter beds, $13.5 million for mental health services, and $4.5 million on educating students.

NC lawmakers are also working to pass Senate Bill 500, which would significantly increase the scope and penalties associated with sex trafficking crimes.

In addition to government agencies, several local ministries are also increasing their fight. Starting this fall, Present Age Ministries will be teaming up with DSS and CMS to teach courses to seventh and eighth-grade students in Charlotte about sexual trafficking.

According to the ministry, there are now at least five-hundred new ads are posted soliciting sex in Charlotte every day.

The new law and educational courses will both be largely aimed at combating these online solicitations, teaching kids what to look out for on social media, and making it a felony to solicit online.

Here are some warning signs and things to watch for:

Some great points from our friends at @ourrescue. It only take a few seconds to read and learn them.

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