NC Hilton Employee Fired After Calling Police On Black Woman and Kids in Pool


A North Carolina Hilton employee was just fired after she called the police on an African American woman while she was taking her kids for a swim in the hotel’s pool as a guest.

The incident occurred this past Saturday in Williamston, NC. According to Missy Williams-Wright, who posted a video of the incident, the Hilton employee singled her out and asked her for her room number and ID while she was swimming in the pool with her kids, without saying anything to the other white guests who were also in the pool. 

When the police arrived, Wright told them that she was oddly singled out to provide personal information without any cause, and added, “It was two white people sitting over there. She said nothing to them,”

She then informed the officers that the employee told her “Oh because it’s always people like you using the pool unauthorized.”

Here is the entire video of the encounter.

The employee has since been fired and Hampton by Hilton responded publically to the incident with the following statement on Instagram:


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Hampton by Hilton has zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind.

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