NC Gun Shop Targets 4 Congresswomen In Controversial New Billboard


A small gun store in North Carolina is coming under fire after putting up a controversial billboard that features an image of the 4 congresswomen President Trump has been attacking and states;

“The 4 Horesemen are Idiots. Signed, the Deplorables. Cherokee Guns”

They posted a picture of the billboard and told their followers to share it;

After receiving a steady stream of feedback, mostly negative, the shop doubled down on the message.

They’ve now printed bumper stickers with the same image on it and told their followers to “eat a piece of bacon…tell us you’re voting for Trump in 2020…then get your limited edition bumper sticker!!”

The gun shop sits in the heart of the smokey mountains in Murphy, NC, about 200 miles east of Charlotte;

President Trump recently attacked the Congresswoman featured on the Billboard in a Tweet where he told the 4 ethnic minority American congresswomen to “go back” (which congress has since officially condemned).

All 4 of the women who Trump told to “go back” to “countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” are US citizens, and 3 of them were born in and have always lived in the United States. 1 of the 4 women, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, was born in Somalia and became a U.S. citizen as a teenager.

Ever since President Trump made the statement, insults, attacks, and threats against them have exponentially increased.

Here are just a few of the tweets I found posted from around our region (there continue to be many worse threats and warnings against Omar and the rest of “the squad” that Twitter continues to remove)

What do you think about the billboard?