NC Governor Declares State of Emergency With Possible Snow in Charlotte


The Governor of North Carolina has just declared a state of emergency ahead of Winter Storm Grayson.

The Storm is expected to hit the state hard tonight into tomorrow morning.

The governor held an emergency broadcast this morning to give further details on what emergency resources will be deployed for the areas of our state expected to be hardest hit.

Winter Storm Grayson is expected to dump as much as 6″ of snow on some parts of our state.

According to the National Weather Service, there is now a 45% chance that the Charlotte region will see snow from the winter storm over the next day or two;

The weather service is now calling for “hazardous” conditions throughout our region and warned the storm could mean icy roads tonight and tomorrow morning.

Charlotte residents are now being asked to salt or de-ice their walkways and sidewalks if any precipitation occurs.

UPDATE 1/4/2018 8:10 am:

Winter Storm Grayson blanketed many parts of our state in think snow cover (thick for our state), with some areas around Greenville receiving over 12 inches of snow and parts of South Charlotte receiving a light dusting;


There are currently widespread power outages in many parts of our state;

and over 660 trucks are now working to clear roads and lay down over 3,700 tons of salt;

Several areas of our state have also issued black ice advisories;

Drive safe out there!