NC Governor Cooper Signs New Executive Order to Connect Unemployed with Jobs


The Governor of North Carolina has just signed a sweeping new executive order in an attempt to help get those who have filed for unemployment back to work.

Executive Order Number 200 specifically establishes a flexible work search requirement for all new people who apply for unemployment benefits on or after March 14 and directs the Department of Commerce to establish a broad set of reemployment activities that qualify for a person’s job search.

“More jobs are being created as we begin to emerge from the pandemic, and people who are out of work need help getting them. Unemployment payments have been critical for families and we want them to have jobs before the payments end,” noted Governor Roy Cooper.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, over $10 billion in unemployment benefits have been disbursed to North Carolinians through multiple state and federal benefit programs, despite providing one of the smallest total amounts of state benefits in the country.

If you are currently looking for work in North Carolina, you can contact NCWorks for remote services at or call 1-855-NCWORKS.