NC 911 Call Centers Awarded $16.3 Million in Grants and Open New Funding Round


North Carolina has just awarded $16.3 million in grants to 911 call centers across 11 North Carolina counties. The state has also now opened a new round of funding for cooperation and enhancements by local public safety answering points (PSAP) around the state.

“This year’s grant awards help to equip PSAPs with the best technology and resources to keep our state’s residents and visitors safe,” NC 911 Board Chair James Weaver said in a press release. “These grants make sure that PSAPs have the right tools to quickly and effectively collaborate and respond to people in need.”

The grant were given to support facility improvements and equipment upgrades in the following communities:

  • Ashe County Communications – radio workstation upgrade, $226,750.28
  • Brunswick County Communications – direct VIPER connection backup radio system, $238,721.50
  • Chowan County Central Communications – Motorola radio project, $211,833.15
  • Cleveland County Communications – Cleveland County 911 facility project, $5,036,595.00
  • Johnston County Communications – radio and paging infrastructure upgrade, $1,756,657.27
  • Madison County 911 – dispatch system improvement, $224,147.61
  • Mount Holly Police Department – technology grant, $216,327.67
  • Perquimans County Communications –  end-of-life equipment replacement, $864,002.50
  • Yancey County 911 – Yancey County primary PSAP facility project, $4,897,636.72

The application period for a second round of 911 Fund grants for PSAPs opens Oct. 3 and closes Dec. 1. Priority projects for the grants are PSAP equipment purchases, including physical facility improvements, radio-and-dispatch equipment upgrades and construction of new PSAPs. Applications and instructions can be found at the NC 911 Board’s Grants page here.