The Nazis Are Coming To Charlotte


Yesterday, the alt-right group “Anti-Communist Action” announced plans for a rally in Uptown Charlotte.

They are the same group that organized last month’s violent rally in Charlottesville (which included many members of Nazi and Neo-Nazi groups):

According to the group’s website, Charlotte’s “March Against Communism” will take place on December 28th, 2017.

The site instructs people to “Bring your torches, guns, armor, gear, and flags! Stay nonviolent, and we’ll have a great time. Augustus Invictus, Richard Spencer, Dillon of Vanguard America, and many more will be speaking. Once night falls, we’ll (peacefully) march into downtown Charlotte and show the size our ranks.”

The group posted the banner to their Twitter page yesterday announcing the rally, which has already been shared 139 times:

According to the Tweet, some of the main speakers at the event will come from the ‘Vanguard America’ white supremacy group;

Vanguard America is the same group that James Alex Fields claimed allegiance (the man who murdered Heather Heyer with his car in Charlottesville):

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Another speaker they list is Richard Spencer, the Co-Editor of , who basically said that “blacks” have no ability to rule: 

In order for this rally to be held in Charlotte’s Marshall Park, CMPD must approve a sound permit.

If you’d like to see this rally stopped, you can contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Field Support Supervisor office at 704-432-0428, or Email them at

UPDATE: 9/23/2017 9:00pm:

CMPD has just announced that AntiCom has not yet requested a permit for Marshall Park.

UPDATE: 9/28/2017 9:15am:

The ‘anticom’ organization has just announced via Twitter that they are canceling the rally:

CMPD has still not been able to contact the organization for any further clarification: