National Survey Finds That Charlotteans Are More Proud, ‘Feisty’, and ‘Bold’ Than Other Major Cities


mainimage2The results of a new national survey reveal some interesting aspects of Charlotteans, compared with residents of other major cities, including that we’re prouder of our current lives, we’re more apt to listen to advice, and that we’re much more likely to consider ourselves ‘feisty’ and ‘bold’.

The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, asked 1,200 adults in each of 12 DMAs (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, San Diego, Seattle, Miami, D.C., Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Boston) a series of questions about how they see themselves and recent life choices.

“If we allow it, society will constantly reinforce that we are not enough; that we’re supposed to achieve a certain level of success or follow a specific lifestyle,” said Meghann Seidner. “But, the truth is, we are more than enough. We believe in digging deep to understand what makes us tick and celebrating what uniquely makes us who we are; in following our own inner compass.”

The results of the survey indicated that:

  • 91% of Charlotte residents are proud of the life they lead (compared to 88% nationally)
  • Charlotte residents were almost twice as likely than Chicago to identify as “feisty”.
  • Charlotte residents were also twice as likely than LA to consider themselves “bold”
  • 41% of Charlotte residents are more likely to listen to a friend or family member when facing an important life decision. (compared to 39% nationally)
  • 82% of Charlotte residents have made a lifestyle change in the last 12 months specifically to pursue a personal goal or ambition (compared to 77% nationally)
  • 88% of Charlotte residents agree that the place they were raised had a significant impact on who they are today (compared to 87% nationally)

Do you think the results of the survey accurately represent Charlotteans? 

Do you consider yourself proud, feisty, and bold?