NASCAR Legend Danica Patrick Just Lashed Out Against I-77 Toll Road Construction


One of the most popular NASCAR drivers in the sport just lashed out against the backed-up traffic on I-77, caused in large part by the new toll road construction.

At about 10:30am this morning, she posted, “I hate, hate tweets. 😜 but I couldn’t hate highway 77 between exit 30-23 any more. That’s it. No more hate. 🤣”

Bill Russell, the president of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce replied to her tweet by saying, “we hear you Danica and we are still working to get in cancelled…#badcontract #notolls”

Numerous other Lake Norman residents chimed in with similar feelings:

How do you feel about the traffic on I-77?

Do you think the toll lanes will do anything to help it?