Myer’s Park HS Mother and Son’s “The History of Dance” Video Is Still Going Viral


We originally published this article last year, highlighting the incredible mother-son dance that we said was starting to go viral. When this article was originally published, the video had just over 85,000 views and 1,700 shares.

In a little over a year, the Facebook video has racked up over 50 million views and over 898,000 shares – it’s now one of the most viewed Facebook videos in America.

The dance was a part of Myer’s Park High School’s annual talent show. Most people expected to be ‘wowed’ by some impressive acts, and bored by some that need a little more practice, but I doubt anyone expected a mother and son to perform “the history of dance” and become an overnight internet sensation.

The description under the video says it all, “THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO WORDS ~ This mother son duo with Mrs. Ginny Goodwin Jenkins & Scott Jenkins ROCKED it! 🐎🐎🐎”

The talent show featured an amazing diversity from almost every genre of music and dance, including;

A full-scale country band;

A choreographed dance to Yolanda Adams;

And a rather impressive traditional Indian performance;

Way to be awesome Myer’s Park!