Multiple Officers Subdue Aggressive Deer After Breaking Into North Carolina Courthouse


This past weekend, a wild deer broke into a North Carolina courthouse and had to be subdued by multiple officers.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon at the Transylvania County Courthouse (about 2 hours west of Charlotte). According to a Facebook post by the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office, the deer smashed through the front door of the building and had to be wrestled to the ground by two uniformed officers.

On Saturday, the Sheriff’s office posted images of the incident along with a lighthearted caption, saying:

“On Friday, December 17, 2021, the Transylvania County Courthouse was broken into, and a struggle with TCSO deputies ensued. The suspect was apprehended without injury to the deputies or the suspect. It is believed that the suspect was attempting to steal the deputies’ donuts….not donuts, uhhh, we mean protein bars, yeah, yeah, protein bars! The presiding judge released the suspect on her own recognizance with a stern warning.
#ReindeerGames #NoDonutsForYou”

Apparently, crazy wildlife encounters are a regular thing up in Transylvania, with one of the post’s commenters saying:

“I wasn’t working during the squirrel incident either, why does nature always visit when I’m off”