Most and Least Dependable Luxury Cars


It’s all fun and smiles to finally have your dream car in your garage until it breaks down. Then, you have to fork out massive amounts just to fix something that seems so insignificant. Luxury cars are known for their class and prestige; however, they could also be a handful to fix. The world-class tech features they come with make them complicated, which means the mechanic bills go through the roof.

This is why you need to find out which luxury car is the best before making that final choice of purchase. In this article, we’ll walk you through the most and least dependable luxury cars on the market. If you’d love to find a dealer that sells these cars in the best condition, you need to read this to the end.

How are Dependability Ratings Determined?

Popularly known as reliability ratings, you might have seen these ratings for various cars released by independent organizations. However, you might not know how these companies come up with these ratings. In most cases, they consider factors such as:

  • The regularity with which the car requires repairs.
  • How much the repairs cost.
  • The number of times a specific complaint comes up for a particular car (e.g., gear problems).

While some organizations might use various other data, these are the major ones that are factored in the ratings. These organizations usually get data from car users, mechanic shops, etc. Also, it is essential that the dependability rating for a car is a prediction based on previous editions of the car. These ratings can come in handy when you’re trying to purchase a vehicle.

Most Dependable Luxury Cars

Here are 3 of the most dependable luxury cars you can find on the market right now:

1. BMW 5-Series

With a dependability rating of 97%, this car is one of the best dependable luxury cars you can add to your garage collection. However, its high dependability doesn’t sacrifice luxury or power in any way. The car packs an incredible 600-hp twin-turbo V8 engine which can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The interior of this car is the true definition of luxury, offering heated front seats, heated steering wheels, and customizable ambient lighting. If you’re looking for a good mix of luxury and dependability, this car is one of the best choices.

2. Volvo S90

Another reliable luxury car that ranks high among mid-size luxury cars, the Volvo S90 is a Scandinavian royalty. Offering a 296-hp V6 engine, this car can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds. While this car isn’t the most powerful, it stands out in its interior luxury. Offering 14-way power-adjustable front seats as well as genuine leather for all seats, sitting in this car gives a true feel of luxury. While it is not the best choice in terms of luxury, it provides a solid mix of dependability and luxurious features.

3. Mercedes Benz S-Class

If you’re willing to splash the cash, the Mercedes Benz S-class is the bespoke car for luxury. Offering either the 429-hp V6 engine or the 496-hp V8 engine, this car offers the perfect oomph just in case you want to show off. Entering this car, you’re again reminded of just how luxurious it is. Offering reclining seats with massage functions and interactive LED lighting, you get full value for the hefty price tag here.

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Least Dependable Luxury Cars

Not all luxury cars live up to the hype. This section will highlight three cars that you should steer clear of if you’re looking to buy a dependable luxury car:

1. Jaguar XJ

Despite the prestigious manufacturer behind this car, it has been reported to have multiple issues with various parts, such as its power windows and sudden engine stalls. Some owners have also reported issues with its air conditioning system. These issues all cost the owner a good amount, making this car an unsuitable choice for luxury car hopefuls.

2. Maserati Quattroporte

The Maserati Quattroporte is another car from a prestigious manufacturer that has been reported to have multiple problems. Users regularly complained of problems with its infotainment system and electrical circuits. Due to the advanced technology that comes with these features, fixing them usually falls on the high side.

3. Porsche Panamera

This is one of the most popular names on this list and is made by a giant luxury car manufacturer as well. However, users have regularly complained about the suspension of this car, leading to many having to dole out huge amounts to fix the problem.


Getting a luxury car should be exciting, and you shouldn’t have to regret the decision. To ensure you enjoy your luxury car of choice, make sure you inquire about the luxury car rating of your choice. If you’re still undecided on the choice to go with, the options in this article are excellent picks to work with.