More CBD: the trends that keep the CBD hype going


In the past few years CBD established itself as a miracle ingredient in the wellness world. Since its rise to fame, the public has had mixed feelings about CBD. There was a lot of skepticism in the beginning, but as time passed more and more people became interested in CBD and its potential health benefits. Right now, there are more CBD advocates than ever and there’s a wide range of CBD products for all tastes and needs, so the CBD hype seems to be going strong.

To get an idea of just how popular CBD has become, a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that in April 2019 there were 6.4 million searches for CBD on Google. CBD searches are comparable with searches for yoga or electronic cigarettes and they’re expected to grow in the near future as the CBD market is on a rising trend. 

The 2018 Farmers Bill definitely played an important part in CBD’s growing popularity. The bill legalized the cultivation and sale of industrial hemp nationwide, making CBD production much easier and affordable. On top of that, many states legalized recreational marijuana, so the interest for CBD products also soared.  

Since CBD is here to stay, it’s worth looking at some trends to help us understand where the CBD train is going. 

All eyes on baby boomers 

While THC products speak more to millennials, the CBD market has baby boomers as the target audience. Baby boomers are going to be the force driving CBD product sales in the future and it’s not hard to understand the connection between their generation and CBD. As they’re growing older, baby boomers are going to look for natural alternatives to treat the many health conditions associated with aging. 

THC and its psychoactive properties isn’t something that appeals to baby boomers. Instead they can benefit from using CBD products that have nothing to do with THC’s hallucinogenic effects, but could help them treat issues such as arthritis, insomnia and other age-related problems. As a result, the CBD industry will adapt and more products catering to their needs will emerge. We’re going to have an even broader range of CBD oil supplements that could help with chronic pain or CBD sleep aids in the next few years. 

Tired of oils? Try CBD pre-rolls 

CBD oils, tinctures and balms are already ubiquitous. There’s not a single soul on earth that hasn’t heard about or used them. But smokable hemp is something quite new and exciting on the CBD market. So if you’re bored with the million CBD oils out there and want to try something different, CBD pre-rolls are a great way to spice things up.

They’re really convenient to use and they come in a variety of flavors. Unlike CBD oil, pre-rolls are fast-acting, because the CBD gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Also, many consumers believe that pre-rolls are the tastiest way one could enjoy CBD. Since there are so many unique strains and everyone’s tastes are different, you might have to experiment a bit to find the ideal CBD pre-roll. But checking out terpene levels, responsible for each strain’s flavor and effects, could help you decide what the product is.

While THC products speak more to millennials, best CBD oil on the market has baby boomers as the target audience. Baby boomers are going to be the force driving CBD product sales in the future and it’s not hard to understand the connection between their generation and CBD.

Drink it up!

Health beverages are also a growing trend and CBD wants to join the club. Unfortunately, there’s a big obstacle when it comes to producing CBD infused beverages. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t yet approved CBD as an ingredient. As a result, big brands are steering away from producing CBD drinks at the moment and it might take a few years until they get the green light. 

However, it doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing CBD drinks on the market. Luckily, indie brands are stepping in to fill the gap. While large companies are taking the risk-free route, start-ups are ready to produce CBD drinks and foods on a smaller scale. 

Changing the spa experience: CBD facials

CBD is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so the beauty industry wasted no time on taking advantage of it. Since many skin issues such as acne or rosacea are inflammatory conditions, some studies suggest that CBD could be of help. Therefore, more and more skincare brands are creating CBD lines with all sorts of products ranging from cleansers to serums and face masks. 

But this was simply not enough for skincare aficionados. CBD products will fill up the shelves in spas and salons as well. CBD facials will become a thing in the near future and if that doesn’t satisfy your CBD love, salons will also offer massages, manicures and pedicures with CBD products. 

Fight the pain CBD style

We’ve talked about pain before and we’re going to mention it again as pain relief and CBD seem to go hand in hand. CBD beauty creams, bath salts or dog treats all sound interesting, at least for some people, but CBD has been long known and loved for being a great ally in fighting pain. 

Although more research needs to be carried out, it appears that CBD products have a lot of potential as a pain management method. On top of that, people using CBD for pain don’t have to worry about side effects like they would with OTC drugs. So there will be even more CBD products on the market for those seeking to treat menstrual cramps, aching feet or other types of pain.


It’s not hard to guess what Nutraceuticals are about. The simplest way to define them would be as nutrition-based products that might provide medical or health benefits. They can be seen as next-level supplements and a great alternative to pharmaceuticals. CBD will be one of the main ingredients in Nutraceuticals, along with other plant-derived compounds. Ancient holistic therapies such as Ayurveda will also include CBD products into their healing system, to help achieve balance and a healthier lifestyle.