Milestone: Cryptocurrency Market Value Blows Past $3 Trillion


Since the digital revolution, digitalization and automation have influenced online markets and payment options. Digitalized currencies are now widely accepted on various online platforms, e-wallets, and casinos. Every 1 in 10 individuals has invested in digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Binance coin, Dogecoin, etc. Cryptocurrencies are easy to manage and cannot be demonetized or banned by any regulatory. In today’s date, more than 5000 digital currencies are being traded on various trading platforms and online markets. The recent record milestone achieved by Cryptocurrency has attracted many potential investors, traders, and online gamblers towards its digitalized worth. 

In 2021, about 48% of Americans will have invested their money in Crypto to earn lucrative profits overnight. By nature, Americans love betting on the odds and making thousands of dollars overnight. Online betting platforms and sites that accept Crypto like bet365 are among the favorite online places of Americans. According to the statistics of 2020, around 1.6 billion people love gambling online, making thousands of dollars in profit every hour. Online betting platforms experience the highest volume of traffic during NHL, NBA, and World Cup seasons. The recent demographics of 2021 suggest that the online gambling market would rise to USD 127.3 billion by 2027. 

It is expected that by 2030, Cryptocurrencies will be dominating international currencies, impacting the world economies and finances. According to the insights released by CoinGecko, the net worth of cryptocurrencies has crossed the $3 trillion benchmark, which seemed like a dream year back. Cryptocurrencies have dominated many online forums, such as Stock Markets, Online Ledgers, E-wallets, Mobile Banking, PayPal, and many more. The high influx of emerging digital currencies is changing online trends and making users prone to making payments and gambling online in Crypto. The online gaming and EA sports industry has also shown keen interest in digitizing their payment type and accepting money transfers in Bitcoin.

Why Are People Confident About Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies have been in the online market since 2009 when only a handful of online traders knew about crypto trading and mining. Over the years, Cryptocurrency has benefited many online investors and kept their transactions end to end secured. One of the primary reasons Crypto is so dominant is its backend ledger building via blockchain technology. Blockchain technology offers maximum security to users, as no such hacker or cyber threat can invade their financial information and personal information. Since 2015, many governments have tried to intervene and hinder its online presence. According to the financial bulletins of June 2021, Bitcoin and a few other Cryptocurrencies were made legal in the US, UK, and most European regions. Traders around the globe, who are unable to access Bitcoin transfers, and online trading platforms use authentic VPNs to catch up with the ongoing market trends

At the golden stroke of 9:54 a.m., as the upper market cap of Cryptocurrency passed $3.3 trillion, it was in the news in seconds. However, this was much on the cards and predicted by analysts, but no one is sure about the lucrative nature of online digital currencies. Any hidden mafia or superpowers don’t control the value of these digital currencies and coins. It’s the world’s dynamics that impact its value and volume. Over the past 10 years, traders have questioned Bitcoin’s authenticity and digital value, but with its substantial growth, every individual is inclined towards investing in BTC and other leading currencies.

Can Be Expected from Cryptocurrencies in the Future?

Cryptocurrency’s recent milestone of market value above $3 trillion has boosted the morale of many potential online investors and traders. Moreover, the companies accrediting the trade of Bitcoins are observing a significant growth of their market shares and commodities. Before 2015, wall street traders were inclined towards investing in commercial banks, hedge funds, pension funds, state funds, but now their interest has shifted towards Bitcoins and other dominating online currencies. Bitcoin (BTC) is among the leading digital currencies in the international market. The current market value of 1 BTC is around $65061.05, which is expected to grow at the end of November.

Bitcoin and other legalized digital currencies are becoming recognized internationally and accepted by many online businesses. Moreover, many Spanish football clubs have made transfers in Bitcoin via their digital wallets and accounts. Digital currencies had experienced significant growth over the years, mostly observed during Covid-19 when people explored the logic and history behind Cryptocurrencies. As one medium or trade gains importance and online presence, its value skyrockets, benefiting many investors and stockbrokers. 

By 2030, the entire gambling industry would be accepting payments and bets in BTC, which would be directly transferred using e-wallets and international payments options. Moreover, the winning amounts would be transferred back to the gamblers in the form of BTC transfers. The two-way transfers via Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies would be accessible and user-friendly for online betters and casino gamblers.

Why Are Cryptocurrencies Volatile?  

The volatility of currencies and market stocks, funds and investments depend on their awareness and digital presence. Over the past 5 years, variable trends and growth of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have made people pause to ponder their investment decisions. It is seen in the past that BTC has been invariable and inconsistent; however, investors and online traders still waited to seize the opportunity and invest at the right hour. 

The inconsistent pricing of Bitcoin made every investor curious about Bitcoin’s dependencies and source. However, no concrete predictions can be made about the rising value of Bitcoin in the international markets. Just like, online casinos’ winnings, Bitcoin values, and gains are inconsistent and lucrative. The influx of digitalized currencies paves the path for centralized ledgers, as blockchain technology links all transfers in a single ledger. 

In many countries across Europe and Asia, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies dominate stock exchanges and investments made by local people. Platforms such as Binance have evolved as a global platform, rendering exchange services to more than a million individuals. The upcoming fiscal year of 2022 would be answering many queries of the people and setting new trends.