Michael Bay Building New Million Dollar Indoor Sports Facility on Lake Norman


michael bay mooresville developmentLocal real estate developer Michael Bay just announced plans to build a new million dollar indoor sports facility inside of his impressive mill complex in Mooresville.

The new facility will include an indoor basketball court, soccer field, and youth boxing gym, comprised of over 15,000 total square feet.

He wants to primarily target inner city youth and troubled teens to free lessons at the facilities, and especially in the boxing gym (think Rocky).

Currently, Michael Bay Bay runs his Merinos Home Furnishings Warehouse store out of the complex, off of Moorseville’s Main St.

michael bay furniture

He also now runs Aliño Pizzeria in the multi-building complex, a classic pizza joint after the style of Naples, Italy.




  1. We have been to Merino’s several times in Mooresville. The facility is huge, we never see anyone buying furniture there, most of it is hideous. Alino’s pizza is some of the best pizza you will ever eat. The salads are huge. I highly recommend making the trip to try it. They make the gelato and cannoli’s in-house.