Mecklenburg County Police Add ‘In God We Trust’ To Police Cars


Stallings, NC (which sits in both Mecklenburg and Union Counties) have added ‘In God We Trust’ to the back of their police cars.

The police chief said the move was in response to recent violence against law enforcement officers across the country.

Their original post on their Facebook page has received over 1,200 likes and 400 shares:

The Stallings police department is following the lead of dozens of other departments across the country to add the motto to the back of their patrol cars. Departments across Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, and Virginia have also decided to put the “In God We Trust” decal on their patrol vehicles.

Mark Nichols, a sheriff in Randolph County, MI, said he added the phrase to his cars in 2015 to show a sense of patriotism.

“It’s our nation’s motto and we want to be patriotic toward our country,” Nichols remarked.

He said the Missouri Sheriff’s Association previously voted to support adding “In God We Trust” to sheriff’s vehicles across the state.

What do you think about putting the motto on police cars?



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