Mecklenburg County Lighting a ‘Controlled Burn’ at 12 pm Today


The Mecklenburg County Natural Resources staff has just announced that they will be setting the Cowan’s Ford Wildlife Refuge on fire today as part of a fire-preventing controlled burn.

The county sent out an alert noting that residents may see smoke around North Charlotte today between 12pm and 3pm this afternoon:

“Mecklenburg County Natural Resources staff are conducting a controlled burn today beginning around noon at Cowan’s Ford Wildlife Refuge. Smoke will affect air quality in the downwind area for 2-3 hours. To reduce your exposure to smoke, stay indoors or avoid areas of heavy smoke.”

According to the Mecklenburg County website, “land managers use controlled burns (also known as prescribed fire) to mimic the natural disturbance caused by the natural fires of years ago. These fires are carefully planned and conducted under specific weather conditions to achieve specific goals. In this way fire can safely be used as a management tool.”

For more information on Mecklenburg County prescribed burns visit: