Matthews Company Raised Over $90,000 On Kickstarter By Inventing A New Kind Of Light Bulb


smart-charge-bulbLocal Matthews resident Shailendra Suman is now the CEO of his own tech-startup after inventing a new kind of light bulb, and raising over $90,000 for it on Kickstarter.

It’s called the ‘Smart Charge Re-chargeable Bulb‘, and it will basically keep your lights on, even when the power goes out.

“What we have is done is put a rechargeable battery in it. When power goes out, you can still turn on/off from same light switch,” commented Shailendra.

It basically works like an everyday bulb, until the power goes out.

Over the past year North Carolina has seen a record number of power outages, and thanks to his new invention, Shailendra’s home in Matthews is one of the only homes with the lights still on when the electricity goes out.

The company’s founder has pitched the bulb to dozens of big-box stores, including Walmart and Target, and even to governments.

“We met with the government in India, they are looking in the millions of units,” said Shailendra.

He said his biggest retailer continues to be the internet, where he now sells the majority of his bulbs direct-to-consumer on He sells them on Amazon for $23.97 each.