Materials Commonly Used in Modern Home Designs


The building material you pick plays a huge role when it comes to modern home designs and their value. But note that the material must not only enhance your home’s appearance, it must also be structurally solid. Have a look at the following options that’ll instantly transform your home into a modern haven of rest and relaxation while ensuring you have a durable place of shelter.


Fiberglass is an example of a material you can use for your home designs. It can work for either home exterior sheathing or as structural components. You can use fiberglass reinforced panels for house construction to add strength.


Concrete is another popular material used by many homeowners looking to build modern houses. What you’ll appreciate about concrete is its versatility because it comes in different forms to suit the desired application.

The most common types of concrete services include:

  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF): This type of concrete is made up of rigid insulation. You pour concrete into forms, leave them to dry and they become the insulation of the house. But note that you’ll still need to add finishing material on top of the concrete layer.
  • Precast Concrete: Concrete that’s cast in a factory and shipped to the construction site is known as precast. The advantage of this type of concrete is that it can be monitored accurately compared to if it’s mixed at the site. The only trade-off with this type is it’ll cost you more.
  • Poured in Place Concrete: This type is poured into forms at the construction site. It’s the type to pick if you want material that’s not only modern but durable.

Steel Frame

Many construction companies and home builders such as Stillwater Dwellings are utilizing modern materials for home design projects. Metal frames — particularly steel — is yet another example of modern materials being used. The use of steel frames is a fast-growing trend that’s replacing wood frame homes. Durability is one of the main causes for its increasing popularity.

You have many steel frame options to pick from, which is a bonus. You’ll only have to spend a little more money on the material because it’s expensive. But for the superior construction it offers, it’s worth every penny.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Eco-friendly materials are also among the most popular trends of housing material. A few environmentally friendly options include bamboo and thatch. For a more practical approach, you can consider incorporating solar panels to power your house. Solar panels are as much modern as they’re functional.

Natural Materials

Using natural materials is one sure way of creating a beautiful interior or exterior for your home. You can incorporate natural and organic materials for areas such as your decking or patio. Make use of materials such as rock and slate for your tiling options. You can use natural stone for places such as your chimney surrounds or walkways.

Final Words

Contemporary approaches have taken over many aspects of our lives. And home construction isn’t exempted. The above list of materials isn’t entirely exhaustive and you can also opt for other materials such as glass or ternary blends.

Are you ready to embark on your modern building project? Use any one of the materials listed above and you’ll impress the neighborhood.