Man Jumps Off Epicenter Skybridge, Crushing The Roof and Windshield Of A Car


Yesterday morning a truly bizarre event unfolded at Charlotte’s Uptown Epicenter.

An unidentified man jumped off of the skybridge that connects the Epicenter with the Bank of America Plaza over College Street.

Reddit user ismphoto123 posted this shot from on top of the bridge:

A man jumped off the sky bridge that connects to the Epicenter. He landed on a car. College and Trade St from Charlotte

Another reddit user, mrsenile9223 happened to be the driver of the car that was jumped on. They said an ambulance was passing by almost immediately after the incident. “The ambulance drivers were as surprised as I was and hopped out and got the dude in the ambulance before anyone else responded.”

The driver posted these pictures of the incident:


Police then shut down College Street between 4th St and Trade St.

We will update this article as new information is uncovered.