Major Telecom Company Announces Plans To Build New Headquarters in Charlotte


A new major telecommunications company has just announced plans to build a new headquarters in Charlotte and hiring 100 new full-time workers in the company’s legal, marketing and finance departments. Brightspeed Inc will be leasing space in South End’s new 635,000 sq ft Vantage South End development.

The company’s long term plans will be to invest more than $2 billion to build a network that will bring faster, more reliable Internet and Wi-Fi to communities throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and certain parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They planned that their new fiber optics transformation is expected to reach up to three million homes and businesses over the next five years, including in many places where fiber and advanced technology has not historically been deployed to help bridge the digital divide.

“Brightspeed is thrilled to be setting down roots in Charlotte,” said chief administration officer Chris Creager in a press release. “We know what it takes to drive industry change, and while the investment and transformation we are planning are bold, we are confident we will have the right team members, partners, and resources to bring fast, reliable, and user-friendly internet to the communities that need it most.”

For more information about Brightspeed’s vision and career opportunities, please visit the company’s website,