Main Principles of Skill-Based Casino Games


Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, we have witnessed an increase in the number of online casinos, PlayStations, Xbox, and other gaming types that can be conveniently accessed online and at home. As we continue to advance into the future, the more we realize how convenient it is to play casino games online instead of going to land-based casinos.

Gambling sites have no option but to keep on coming up with creative and innovative ideas to make casino games appealing and captivating. Among the avenues that are open for creativity when it comes to slot and casino gaming are skill-based casino games. 

It is a forward step for millennials who are conversant with gaming on tablets, phones, PlayStation, and Xbox. Since most millennials shy away from the casino environment, this is an opportunity for casinos to achieve their long-term goals.

What are skill-based casino games?

Skill-based casino games are gambling machines that have been programmed to reward players according to their ability to play a game. The outcome of the game is hugely determined by the player’s skill and not by chance. Game developers and suppliers also get the chance to create variable playback based on a wide range of identifiers. Better players are rewarded with a high payback.

This is the main difference between skill-based casino games and traditional games. You don’t have to develop any skill while playing traditional games to win. All you have to do is choose your stake and let the machine do its thing. 

As it spins, all you can do is hope that lady luck will visit you. With casino skill-based games, you can increase your payout anytime. The payback percentage will always be affected by how well a player plays his game.

Skill-based and online gaming casino reward the best customers and make referrals to players who make big bets in every game. The higher you bet, the higher your prize will be. Rewards are usually based on wagers. With this fact in mind, it makes sense for online casinos to give higher payback rates to players who place higher bets.

Online casino games with skills have been with us for years now. However, they haven’t succeeded in taking over the gambling industry until recently where the new generation started prioritizing them over traditional games. These games have not changed a lot because of the limiting laws and regulations.

Some players find skill-based games unfair because a few players will always have an added advantage over others. According to the law, some skill-based games that require 2 dollars only like slots should remain as games of chance. Skill-based games have variable payback percentages. 

Unlike traditional games where players don’t have any idea what they will get as payback, skill-based games give the player a clear idea of what he or she will get back. Since casino games are games of chance, most people shy away from a list of online casino games.

Is Getting Skill-based casino games right difficult?

Casino games that take skill are still evolving at a rapid rate. Up until now, the results have been marginal. Since their introduction in 2015, most online casinos have been offering them to players. Why aren’t elderly people improving skills in gambling at casino?

One of the common challenges is a lack of awareness. Most players have not realized that some games feature skill and not a chance. Another major problem is that developers haven’t figured out the right combination to attract more players.

Bonuses account for an average of three to five percent of return to player. This might not be a large enough reward to attract more millennials who are used to playing mobile games.

Another challenge facing developers is figuring out the type of bonuses to be used. By knowing the types of bonuses that most players go for in traditional games, they can incorporate them in a unique way to skill-based games.

Finally, everybody enjoys playing simple games. Creating complex skill-based games is such a turn off especially to the elderly.

The future of skill-based games

Skill casino games that have been presented to us may or may not win a huge number of players. So, what’s the future of skill-based games?

Obviously, no one can accurately predict the future. However, skill-based games of the future are likely to look like social or computer games. Some of the social games that have become increasingly popular include Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Plants VS Zombies to name a few. These games are not only entertaining but easy to play.

According to’s guide, the majority of millennials would prefer a hardcore gaming experience in online casinos. After all, an advanced console player wouldn’t get much stimulation from shooting aliens moving at snail speed. Therefore, hardcore video games might make their way into the casino scene.

Today, you don’t have to speculate whether you are playing a traditional or casino skill games. According to the Nevada law, gaming platforms that offer skill games should indicate clearly on the gaming device whether the outcome is determined by chance or skill.

Apart from the challenges we’ve discussed, online casinos and developers must address the high degree of uncertainty associated with skill-based games. At the end of the day, nothing guarantees that the elderly and more millennials will be drawn to skill-based games. With skill-based games, you can decide your fate which is a good thing.


The gaming world is always progressing to captivate both the young and the elderly alike. Since most players have invested time and money playing their favorite games, they expect something in return. 

Unlike traditional games where lady luck can visit you any time, winning in a skill-based game is determined by your skill. If you don’t possess the right skill, woe unto you. For avid players, skill-based games present an opportunity to test their casino player skill.