Mailman in Gastonia Discovered An Envelope Filled With Poop That Was Addressed To Hillary Clinton


A Gastonia resident just had their mail intercepted after they attempted to mail Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton an envelope filled with human fecal matter.

envelope with poop gastoniaWhen a local mail carrier was on his routine route in Gastonia’s Union Terrace subdivision, they noticed an unpleasant smell coming from a letter they picked up on Union Road. The letter, which was addressed to Hillary Clinton, also had some brown smudges on it.

The carrier immediately notified the acting postmaster, who in turn contacted the Secret Service.

The sender won’t be facing any charges since the material inside the envelope wasn’t explosive or otherwise harmful, although it possibly could have been considered hazardous.

Postal Inspector Justin Crooks commented that even though confiscated items are often held and later returned to sender, he doesn’t think this particular envelope will be kept or returned.

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