Maby aims to develop in the US, Canada and Australia markets


Kyle Khoan is the founder of Maby which has knowledge of the nail industry in the US. He understands exactly how difficult it is to start a nail salon. He knows that there is a huge demand for nail services in developed markets.

According to a 2008 study, in California, 80% of nail salons are owned by Vietnamese people. Statistics of spending on nail services in the US in 2022 reached 8.36 billion USD (Statista data). With such a large market, Kyle started with the idea of ​​​​making an application to help connect customers with nail salon owners in the US. From the original idea of ​​just helping Vietnamese people do nails in the US with more tools to help them work more efficiently. But after sharing this idea with his friends. They advised him to reassess the market. Finding the real needs of the overseas Vietnamese community.

Then, the features from basic to advanced were developed by him and his team in Vietnam. Maby – the application that Kyle launched initially to help nail artists in the US market.

According to research data of Ibisworld, the nail and hair market size in Canada will also fall to about $4.1 billion by 2022. And the Australian market, the size of the Waxing and Nail Salons market will also be up to $2 billion. Therefore, Maby is planning to develop markets in Canada and Australia.

Maby is now not only an application to support the nail salon industry, but also a platform to connect customers with salon owners in the beauty industry. This is a very potential market and there are still many opportunities to explore.

From a startup in Pennsylvania, USA, Maby has opened a branch in Vietnam for research and development purposes to be able to meet the demand for growth in the near future when preparing to expand further. Canadian and Australian markets.

Maby is expected to become a tool to help Vietnamese people do nail salon business more effectively. Meet the higher requirements of the market.