Luke Kuechly Placed on Concussion Protocol In Panthers’ Home Loss To The Eagles


For the third time in three seasons, Luke Kuechly has been placed on the concussion protocol after a hard hit during last night’s prime-time game against the Eagles.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as last year’s concussion when he was carted off the field in tears while playing the Saints, but this is truly horrible news for everyone.

The Panthers have yet to confirm if there was a concussion, only that he was placed on the protocol;

Here’s the play that took him out:

After Kuechly was taken out, things got noticeably harder for the Panthers.

Cam stepped up as last night’s top running back, even scoring a touchdown, but he just wasn’t able to connect with his receivers for most of the game. He finished 28 of 52 for 239 yards, 1 touchdown pass to McCaffrey and three interceptions.

Carolina is now 4-2 and out of first place in the NFC South, for now. We could stay on top if the 3-1 Falcons lose to the Dolphins this weekend.

Next week the Panthers will travel to Chicago to take on the Bears.