Looking Great Whatever Your Size


Looking good is something that is important to everyone; it gives you confidence and helps make a good impression to others, which in turn allows you to be more successful. But it can be difficult for those with a larger body size to look good. Finding the right style that hides the extra bulk instead of accentuating it can be difficult.  

These days plus size clothes are easy to find, with most department stores having an exclusive plus size section. There are even specialty stores for nurses that have full selection of plus size scrubs and uniforms. So, getting clothing that fit is not the challenge here, it’s getting clothing but makes you look amazing than can be hard. But don’t despair! There are tips and tricks that can not only make you look slimmer but will even flatter your figure.

Balance it Out

Before starting on the slimming down process take a hard look at your body in a full-length mirror and take notice of you overall body shape. According to fashion experts, the key here is to try to make your body look proportionate, with balance being the name of the game. For example, if the top half of your body is larger than the bottom half, then you will need to choose styles that slim down your top, while accentuate the bottom half. The goal is to create a symmetrical look, with no one area jumping out at you when looking in the mirror. 

Fit Matters

Just because the clothing fits over your body does not mean it fits right. The proper fit can spell the difference between looking like a piece of material covering your body or looking fashionable and chic. Often a small alteration can make all the difference. Clothing shouldn’t be baggy and shapeless, which is very unflattering, but wearing clothing that is too tight will have you looking heavier than you actually are. A good rule of thumb to know if your clothing fits properly is to check if there is about a finger’s width between your skin and the article of clothing. And don’t look at size tags, focus on what looks right on your body and not on what the actual size it is.

Colors & Fabric Count

Sticking to one color throughout your entire outfit helps give off a slimmer look. Choose colors that go well with your complexion, but steer clear of colors that have you look larger. Dark colors such as black, navy or brown are usually slenderizing. And choosing the right fabric is very important as well. Look for fabrics that drape your body gently and follow your natural curves. Stay away from heavy or clingy fabrics that will enlarge any bulge. 

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Shoes do make a difference! Go with a large block heel if possible, which will instantly take 5 pound off your appearance! Avoid any straps, especially thin ones and stay away from kitten heels and square toe shoes which will make your legs look shorter. 

Try out some of the about tips and get out and there and show the world that you can look beautiful and stylish, even with a larger body size. And get ready to accept those compliments!