Local Teen Battling Cancer Gets The Surprise Of His Life With 100 Exotic Cars In His Front Yard


This past weekend, a 19-year-old from Monroe, NC had his wish come true with a surprise car show.

RJ Swinney’s VIP car show was organized by Will Yarborough, the father of one of RJ’s good friends. Will told his car club’s Facebook group about RJ’s battle, and that he had always wanted to go to a car show, but was never able to, people then began spreading the word like crazy, and before long, an entire car show was organized on RJ’s front lawn…

On the day of the event, over 100 upgraded and exotic cars from all across North Carolina arrived in front of RJ’s front porch…

RJ even got to ride in some of his favorites:

Although the car show was for RJ, the organizers may have been blessed the most. After the show, Will Yarborough posted this on Facebook:

“Today was a really heartfelt day. A total of 320 cars lined up, to go to a sick boys house, that none of us had ever even met, so he could see show cars one last time before he left this earth. We were notified that he had a blood transfusion yesterday, and that he would have a boost of energy for a little bit. He personally walked around acres of land looking at every single car. Admiring them. When he got over to me he said ” I’ve never ridden in a Ferrari before” I said ” well then let’s go!” His eyes lit up and a huge smile came across his face. He asked if he could bring his go-pro camera so he could record it and remember it. To see such innocence and minuscule wants from a boy who knows that he only has a couple days to live was truly touching. He jumped in and we took off! He loved it! When we got back he said ” will you come ride with me in my car” and of course I did. We talked and admired all the cars. Then he asked if he could sit in the drivers seat and take a picture. And that’s exactly what we did.

I really think today meant more to me than it did him. I learned a valuable lesson today. That feeling I got from seeing the smile on his face, and knowing that I was lucky enough to be a part of making his last days happy, is a treasure in itself. The lord has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. And to be able to use those blessings to help bless others, is what this life is all about. Today is a day that I will definitely remember. God bless you RJ.”

AJ may still be battling cancer, but now he knows he’s not alone, and that he’s truly loved.

Please pray for AJ and help spread the word!