Local Hunters Organizing North Carolina’s 10th Annual Coyote Hunting Tournament


The 10th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic is coming to our state next week and is being marketed as one of the biggest coyote hunting events in the nation.

It will officially be held from Feb. 17-19, 2023. There will be over $10,000 in cash and prizes for the winners. The guaranteed cash payout for the Coyote Derby reaches up to $3000.

Stanly County, NC is proud to host the Carolina Coyote Classic, with the  Stanly Convention and Visitors Bureau offering their support. The tournament consists of two events: the Coyote Derby and the Fat Dog Contest.

The Coyote Derby is a race to see who can take down the most coyotes over the course of the weekend. As for the Fat Dog Contest, the goal is to bag and weigh the biggest coyote of the tournament.