Local Charlotte Artist Painted The Portrait of Mother Teresa For Her Canonization Today in Vatican City


charlotte artist paints mother teresaThis afternoon, the work of local Charlotte artist was lifted high above St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, high above Pope Francis and an estimated 120,000 people during the canonization of Mother Teresa.

The ceremony was the highlight of Francis’ Holy Year of Mercy and possibly one of the defining moments of his entire papacy.

The canonization portrait of Mother Teresa is meant to reflect her joy and her selflessness, commented Charlotte artist Chas Fagan.

In a press conference with reporters from around the world, he noted “The credit lies more with the subject of the painting than with the painter.”

Fagan’s portrait of Mother Teresa is also being displayed in the U.S. Capitol rotunda and National Cathedral. It was originally commissioned by the Knights Of Columbus after his previously built them the a stunning statue of Pope St. John Paul II.

When he was initially commissioned to do his latest portrait, he had “no idea” it would be the official one hanging in St. Peter’s. Fagan submitted initial sketches and the whole process “took at least a month” before he could even begin painting, which then took six more weeks in total.

Fagan, has also created several scupltures and paintings that are displayed around the Charlotte region, including the Spirit Of Mecklenburg statue;

What do you think of his painting of Mother Teresa?



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