Lighting Tips For Your Outdoor Sports Facility


With Fall fast approaching, it’s time to consider getting top-quality lighting in time for the sports season. Lighting ensures clarity for athletes, coaches, and spectators. It also lessens the chance of any injuries and accidents. If you’re considering improving or updating your lighting for your facility, here are some handy tips:

Upgrade To LED Lights

Older stadiums and fields tend to have metal halide lights. They are bright but expensive, both to maintain and for their energy usage. You want efficient lighting that produces a better effect. Many professional stadiums today use LED lighting. It has a similar installation and purchase cost to halide products but will cost you much less when the energy bills come.

Consider Your Horizontal and Vertical Illuminance When Upgrading Lighting

Illuminance will make it easy for both spectators and players to identify the things on the court. They’ll see their teammates and any other objects they need for the sport.

A high illuminance is necessary if you plan on recording or televising games. Professional broadcasts often use 100-750 lux for horizontal illuminance. Vertical has higher importance at 1000-2000 lux.

Upgrade In Uniform

While upgrading a few lights can save you a bit of money, it can affect the games for your team. Uniformity is the key to ensuring that people have clarity with the things they see on the field. Make sure to upgrade all lights at once and have them of the same model if possible. Group your vertical lights to have the same model and apply the same principle to your horizontal lights.

Buy Sports Lights

Floodlights are a popular choice for many stadiums and sports arenas, but they are inefficient. They may have brightness and wide beams, but they cannot cover the demands of sports. Sports lights provide more control and are much brighter. Sports lights also have anti-glare covers to lessen any mishaps while playing.

Make the Most Out of Your Investment

As you upgrade your lights in time for the Fall sports season, you need to make the right decisions. With the above lighting tips for your outdoor sports facility, players will have better clarity while spectators can also enjoy the games more. If you’re upgrading, choose a seller that specializes in sports lighting. 

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