Life And Death Decisions: The Importance Of End Of Life Planning

Planning for the end of your life is never an easy task, regardless of your age or health. But with over  37% of people living in Charlotte aged 20 to 44 years old, the biggest age group for the city, it’s not something that will cross many people’s minds. But the reality is that there are many hard decisions to face at the end of your life. These decisions include what care you want to receive, where you want to be to receive it, and who will act on your behalf should you no longer be able to make your own decisions. There is also your funeral to consider and the  type of funeral plan that would be best for you. Even though you may be in good health at the moment, planning for the end of your life relieves the pressure on you and your loved ones if and when the time comes.
End Of Life Care
Only a third of Americans have plans in place for their end of life care and funeral. However, as a resident of Charlotte, you can create legal documents or advance directives that will guide your doctors towards the end of your life. You can ask your lawyer to prepare these for you, or you can do it yourself. A declaration of desire for a natural death or living will direct what level of care you want at the end of your life. These medical documents allow doctors to decide whether they should take measures to prolong life if you are terminally ill. A ‘do not resuscitate’ order, known as a DNR, will dictate whether you want CPR at the end of your life.
Palliative Treatment
You may wish to spend the last part of your life in one of  Charlotte’s 28 hospice facilities. A hospice provides palliative care for those who are close to the end of their life. Palliative care helps to provide pain relief, and will assist with coordinating your medical care while providing spiritual and emotional support for you and your loved ones. While you may not know when your time will come, it’s a good idea to spend time planning what you want at the end of your life.
Funeral Planning
A crucial part of any end of life plan is  planning your burial and funeral. Planning means the cost and decision making won’t become a burden for your loved ones after you’ve gone. Funeral costs in Charlotte can range from a direct cremation at around $1,795 to a full burial that could cost up to $6,495. This is where taking out burial insurance can help. But what is the best burial insurance for seniors? Burial insurance is a whole life insurance policy that pays out a death benefit of somewhere between $5,000 and $25,000. After you die, this money can be used to cover the costs of your funeral, such as the memorial service, cremation, or to pay for a headstone. While there are a number of burial insurance providers that cover Charlotte, it’s a good idea to look for burial insurance that will keep the premiums the same forever, will payout after an accident, will cover most common health issues, and will pay out to whoever you want it to. To determine the best burial insurance policy for your situation, you may want to visit a comparison site such as  Everyone’s situation is unique and it’s wise to make sure you review all of your options.
Telling Your Loved Ones
Talking to your loved ones about death is never easy. But you should discuss your choices with those around you while you can still speak for yourself. Even if the end of your life seems a long time in the future, planning will help you and your loved ones to make those difficult decisions when the time eventually comes. While it can be an uncomfortable and awkward subject to bring up, look for opportunities to talk about your choices for the end of your life. It may feel a natural topic to bring up while you are making out your will or after you have visited your doctor.
Making plans for the end of your life can be incredibly difficult, and talking about things like DNRs and burials with your loved ones can be very uncomfortable. However, it will be hugely beneficial when the time comes.