Lets Get Started – The Beginners Guide to Starting a Business


There is no getting around the fact that starting your own business is a huge commitment as it has a huge impact on your life and the lives of those around you. As such, it is important you are setting it up correctly and running it properly when everything is in place. 

Initially deciding how you want to set your business up can be an incredibly daunting prospect, especially if this is something you’ve never done before. Lucky for you, though, lots of other people have, and, as such, there is a lot of information out there that pertains specifically to setting up your business. 

This article has been put together to go through some different steps that are necessary to follow when it comes to setting up your business. This will all help you find and validate your money-making idea and assist with figuring out the most efficient ways that your marketing, shipping, and all-around sales strategy can be launched and run. 

Choose Your Business Idea 

One of the first steps necessary to get your online business going is figuring out what you actually want it to be. You will want to have an idea that is time-tested and has worked previously for other entrepreneurs. The idea doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot and can instead be something that is a relatively low investment. That being said, regardless of how much you plan on spending on your idea, the best way to fully decide on the product you want to sell or the service you plan on offering is by asking the following questions: 

  • What’s the potential opportunity size?

The market size will more than likely be one that matches the ambition you have for your business. With that in mind, though, the size of your business and its specific niche is usually determined by a few other aspects. For instance, say the product you are selling does not have a huge range of customers, but the price of the product is high and requires repurchase multiple times. Although the market size may not be huge in terms of actual consumers, there is still plenty of chance to make a sufficient amount with said product. 

  • Is it a trend, fad, or a growing market? 

A great step that you should take when starting a business is ensuring you tap into the market before you actually start. The trajectory of a market is much more important than what the market’s current state is. As such, if you want to go the distance, then it is not enough to capitalize on a fad, but you will need to start a business that operates in a market that will continue to grow. 

  • What is your competition like? 

Take some time to consider what the competitive landscape for your product looks like. Do you have a lot of different competitors, or are there very few? If you have a lot of other businesses that are trying to capitalize on your niche, this is usually a sign that the market is well established. This is good, as it ensures that the demand exists, but then at the same time, it’s going to be really difficult to stand out as a business. 

Choose a Name for Your Business 

Your businesses name is what you are going to be known by universally and will show up and follow you with every single task that you take on. Word of mouth is an important part of ensuring your growth, and it is going to be really hard for people to know about your business and pass on information if your name is not one that is instantly recognizable. 

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself in the early days, though, as the name that you come up with now isn’t necessarily going to be the one that you have to stick with forever. You should just keep things simple and focused to start with by finding a name that is easy for people to remember and say and also makes it clear what you do. 

Create your name with the below in mind: 

  • Keep it short and simple

One of the best ways to realize your business’s name isn’t simple enough is if people have to ask you to repeat the name. You shouldn’t be making customers work to have to remember your brand. Just one or two words are enough for your business name. 

  • Dare to be different 

If your market research is showing you that other businesses in your industry tend to have similar names or use names that rely on similar elements, then you should consider avoiding these elements and heading in a bit of a different direction. A lot of brands really underestimate the marketing upside of originality. 

  • Be original 

It’s also very important that you are ensuring your business’s name isn’t in use by another business, especially one of your competitors. Simply run a search in the countries you do business and make sure that there isn’t anyone else operating under the same name as you. 

Get Your Safety Nets in Place 

It is important that as soon as your business is set up, you are making sure that you are preparing for worst-case scenarios. This could mean setting aside a pot of money for if there are any unexpected outgoings with your business. It also means making sure that you have good health insurance in place for yourself and your employees to make sure everyone is covered if there is any kind of accident. For more information on this, you should head over to a site such as Zenefits and get some health insurance quotes from their marketplace. It is easy to get bogged down in your ambition when it comes to your business, but you need to make sure that you are staying grounded with how you move forward and ensure you have sufficient safety nets in place in case there are any unwanted nasty surprises. 

Write a Business Plan 

Having a well-written business plan is incredibly important. If you think of it as your idea is point A and having a successful business is point Z, your business plan is every other letter in the alphabet. It provides you with direction when you are trying to run your business and will help you execute your plans as you are forced to sit down and actually think about things methodically. 

Plans can sometimes not end up being relevant, but planning is absolutely everything. You’ll find a lot of entrepreneurs will not actually look at their plans once the wheels start turning, but they will also affirm that there is a lot of worth in thinking things over and researching your idea. Writing a business plan within the best business plan template is the perfect canvas on which you can do this as it will allow you to map out what you are doing and provides you with insight into how you can start, run and grow your entire operation. 


Starting a business can be a daunting prospect as there is a lot for you to do. A lot of different business owners will have employed different tactics when it comes to launching their business; however, if you follow the above as a template, this will put you in the best position moving forward.