Latest US Election Betting For 2020


As many political observers will tell you, the next presidential election in the US will happen on 3rd November 2020. While it may not be clear who the final candidates will be, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating. In fact, people are placing wagers on who will be the next US president. There has been plenty of rumors about who will make a stand, with Hilary Clinton appearing unlikely to stand again following her last defeat by Donald Trump.

Some wild rumor has suggested that Oprah Winfrey might be one of the candidates, but she hasn’t confirmed it yet. However, with over about 11 months left before the ballot day, the voters’ opinion is bound the change based on the events in the US political scene and internationally. Let’s look at some of the most likely candidates for the 2020 presidential election based on the current data.

Will Trump Hit The Jackpot Again?

Looking at the country, it might be hard to understand why a president with such less endearing personal traits will want to run for a second term. He has flirted and fought impeachment for the bigger part of his presidency while attracting sharp criticism for his random actions and statements. However, his supporters believe he has done great for the nation’s economy and the US business sector.

Considering that the 73-year-old wants to run for the second term, Trump’s name may be on the ballot box if the Republicans don’t oppose it. For punters interested in the US election betting 2020, Donald Trump’s odds to win range at 2.37 insignificant bookies. You can also bet that the Republicans won’t endorse Trump at the odds of 4.00, or back the Republican Mike Pence and get odds of 34.

Top Contenders For The 2020 US Presidential Elections

As far as there are other Republicans that may be thinking of running, President Donald Trump remains to be the party favorite. It’s unusual for incumbents to get any challenge within the part, and almost unheard of when the unemployment levels are low, and the economy continues to thrive. Even when the economy is soaring, it’s uncommon for an incumbent to have more than two challengers.

On the Democrats camp, a staggering 20+ people are being tracked in major primary polls for the party. The current front-runners include Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator who has the street cred with party officials and anti-Trumpers, ex-VP Jaw Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Andrew Yang.

2020 Presidential Betting Tips

While Donald Trump has remained immune to controversies that brought down most of his predecessors, the Democrats might take the sit from him with the right candidate. However, if the economy is down and a traditional candidate such as Sanders or Biden is running, then you can expect a Trump re-election just like what happened between Obama and Romley in 2012.

Considering recent 2019 trends, you can expect the Democrats to eventually nominate Warren or Harris with a running mate like Buttigieg. The primary key for each nominee will depend on who can capture the Sanders and Biden supporters whey they bow out.