Lake Norman’s Latest Escape Room Challenge Is NASCAR Themed


The Charlotte region now has a new “Escape Room Challenge” up in Mooresville, right next to Lake Norman. “Escape Rooms” are a widely popular new trend that’s been spreading around the Charlotte region over the past few years. They are basically group activities that force teams to work together to solve clues and “escape” their room.

Race City Escapes has two unique “escape rooms”, and they are currently building their third. Since they are in the heart of NASCAR country, their first room is called the on the “Race Ruse room”. Each participant is part of a fictional pit crew, locked in a rival’s garage. They are given one hour to escape, or miss making the championship race.

Their second room is called the Harmonic Haze, designed to simulate a 1920s speakeasy, with a makeshift bar, poker table and stage. Participants in this room are asked to help rescue a kidnapped performer.

According to their website, “you, and up to 10 people are put in a room. Your task is to find clues, solve puzzles to ultimately figure out how to “Escape the Room”. Inside you may find various types of locks, puzzle boxes, cryptograms, cryptic clues, and other brain teasers that all must be figured out so that you can escape in time.”

Race City Escapes gives participants a total of 60 minutes to escape out of the room…or else…

Each room is fully monitored with cameras in almost every corner to monitor progress and check for cheaters. The difficulty level of each challenge is determined by how many clues each team requests. Each room at Race City Escapes has a different and intriguing solution.

Escape Room Challeges have been quickly spreading all over the Charlotte region. We now have a total of 9 escape room challenge companies, with another one popping up every few months.

Codescape Escape Room Challenge recently invited the Charlotte Stories team to experience one of their more challenging rooms…

Here’s the video from our experience:

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