Krispy Kreme Responds To Riots and Pandemic By Offering Everyone A Free Donut


The past couple months have been truly devastating for countless Americans as millions have lost their jobs and thousands have lost their businesses during the COVID-19 shutdown and an entire race is feeling the pain of the viral exposure of injustices.

While nothing can bring back what’s been lost, North Carolina’s Krispy Kreme is doing what they can to ease the nation’s pain.

They have decided to turn ‘National Doughnut Day’ into ‘National Doughnut Week’ to give more people more free donuts.

“National Doughnut Day is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate, but with days starting to blur together, we want to make sure it’s easier than ever for fans to participate,” said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme. “That’s why, this year, we’re extending our beloved free doughnut tradition from one day to five days with the very first National Doughnut Week.”

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