Know These 10 Benefits of Matcha Tea For Senior Citizens


The benefits of Matcha green tea go well beyond your daily dose of a caffeine energy boost. Modern research has put it on a shortlist as one of the few effective remedies for anything from diabetes to arthritis. There are even claims that this top class natural tea has been known to reverse the aging process. 

Although the benefits of Matcha tea are still largely unchartered, there are several that have been proved and documented, especially due to their advantage to senior citizens. Here is a list of 10 benefits of drinking Matcha tea for old people. 


The high level of antioxidants in Match green tea, mainly EGCC has been known to counter the effects of memory loss. This means constantly drinking Matcha green tea improves both short and long term memory in elderly people.


As mentioned in the prologue, Matcha tea has been known to be quite effective in the reduction of arthritis pain. What’s even more intriguing is the fact that it has also been a very efficient remedy for the reduction of several kinds of arthritis-related inflammations, more effective even when compared to some over the counter drugs!


Similar to its effects on dementia patients, Matcha tea also works to counter the effects of memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients. EGCC is also a very common compound in counteracting the loss of short term memory, which means having Matcha tea can be great in terms of dietary therapy.

Slows the aging process

Don’t get too excited now, it doesn’t turn back the clock, what it does do is to slow it down somewhat. All the natural remedies contained in Matcha tea give you better digestion, which means better nutrient absorption. This means more energy and better health overall. Aging is typically catalyzed by poor health, which means a daily matcha tea regimen will go a long way in ensuring you maintain good health for much, much longer.

Stress Relief

Old age comes with a lot of ailments, most of which are inherently psychological. That constant back pain or that lingering migraine are usually just signs of stress. That’s why Matcha tea is such a crucial natural remedy. What it does, simply is to calm the body and the mind, resulting in better mental health, and less stress.

Decreases Negative Weight

A lot of negative weight is a consistent feature of aging, the good thing about Matcha tea here is the fact that it contains fiber in substantial amounts. This is relevant because fiber is a fat burner, which helps to reduce weight and improve circulation. This means better blood sugar and lower risk of diabetes and other related conditions.

Improves Metabolism

Maintaining optimal Body mass index is crucial at any age, which is why your metabolic rate is a huge indicator of how well your body absorbs nutrients. The reduction in negative weight coupled with better nutrition is all functions that improve your metabolism, which means your body becomes better nourished and you can eat better and healthier. Matcha tea facilitates all this.

Bolsters Immune System

Matcha tea is known to improve your body’s ability to fight disease. This is especially useful for the elderly because they are inherently more vulnerable to infections. The catechins and L-theanine are great at preventing and fighting flu and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Fights Hypertension

Matcha tea has been known to inhibit the secretion of ACE, the enzyme that is largely responsible for high blood pressure.  This natural remedy is a very useful tool for ensuring you maintain healthy B.P.

Boosts Energy

Elderly people are known to have very low levels of energy and are constantly lethargic. Matcha tea serves the important purpose of boosting energy and allows you to be a bit more physically capable.

Bottom Line

Matcha tea is one of the most feature-rich natural remedies on the market right now, and it has great benefits for all ages so you should be very concerned about where to buy matcha