Kneel-In Protest Planned For Tonight’s Prime-Time Panthers Game in Uptown Charlotte


Several groups are now planning a ‘kneel-in protest’ in Uptown Charlotte tonight before the Panther’s game.

Charlotte’s Pastors and Community Leaders Coalition, led by Bishop Kevin Long of Temple Church International, is planning to have at least 500 people kneel in protest outside of the stadium while the national anthem is playing.

The coalition sent out a statement last night saying that the goal of the kneel-in is to highlight “police brutality, lack of accountability for officers who’ve killed innocent and/or unarmed citizens, and the high rates of unemployment for minorities.”

“Kneeling is merely the method we have chosen, it is not the message in its entirety. The message is that there is a deep and very wide gulf between the Black and Brown communities and others in this country, and we are not compelled to stand that.”

The kneel-in will start at 7:30 p.m. outside the stadium and a press conference will be held after the national anthem is played.

The coalition also said there are more kneel-in protests scheduled in other cities this weekend.

What are your thoughts on the protest?