Kerrick Trial Protesters Shut Down Uptown Streets (Video)


One of the most reported on trials in Charlotte’s history has just been declared a mistrial by the judge. Protesters from around the country have taken to the streets of Charlotte, demanding an immediate retrial.

#BlackLivesMatter protesters are now calling their protest a “die-in”, blocking traffic throughout the streets of Uptown Charlotte Friday evening;

The protesters started out inside the courtroom, but once the judge declared a mistrial, protesters started laying in the middle of the road to block traffic.

Protesters then marched through the streets of Uptown Charlotte started chanting, “no justice, no peace,” “who are we here for? Jonathan Ferrell,” “justice for Jonathan.” They then started shouting “hands up” “don’t shoot”.

We asked several Charlotte locals in Uptown how we can stop racism in our city, you can watch their responses here.

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