Jeff Sessions Came To Charlotte To Announce “Project Safe Neighborhood Task Forces” (Video)


Attorney General Jeff Sessions just traveled to the Queen City to give a speech in front of our newly appointed Western North Carolina District Judge Andrew Murray and 75 other law enforcement officials from the CMPD, Mecklenburg Sherriff’s office, and others.

The speech was primarily focused on his new “Project Safe Neighborhood Task Forces”.

According to, “Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is a collaborative effort by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and communities to prevent and deter gang and gun violence. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of North Carolina (USAO-WDNC), PSN has engaged in strategic planning with federal, state and local law enforcement; strengthened partnerships among law enforcement agencies to improve gang and gun violence investigations and prosecutions; engaged in public outreach; provided training to state and local law enforcement; and sought community involvement in the fight against gang and gun violence.”

Sessions said during a speech in Washinton last week that he plans on deploying up to 260 additional federal prosecutors for PSN in key cities across the country to aggressively confront violent crime.

In his Charlotte speech, Sessions ensured his audience that “Police are not the problem…they are the solution to the problem.”

He added, “I will not accept rising crime. Plain and simple, we will not allow the progress made by our women and men in blue over the past two decades to simply slip through our fingers now. We will not cede a community, a block, or a street corner to violent thugs or poison peddlers.”

You can watch Jeff Session’s speech in full here;

What are your thoughts on the new PSN Task Forces?