IT Service Management can Dramatically Improve Security and Customer Experience


According to Forbes, customer experience is crucial to a company’s brand, and ultimately, its success. ITSM, or what is also called IT Service Management, can play a crucial role in many aspects of the customer’s experience. ITSM involves the creation, delivery, maintenance, and support of everything in the IT lifecycle. ITSM includes a specific set of policies and practices that manages all the services that are ultimately delivered to customers. There are several important ways that ITSM can improve the customer experience.

Marius Nel who provides IT services in Atlanta and Founder of 360 Smart Networks shares his experience with ITSM and how his company works with local Atlanta corporations.

How Can ITSM Upgrade Cloud Experience?

With so much information now being stored in the cloud, it’s important to make sure both employees and customers enjoy a smooth experience. ITSM can improve performance issues that are related to poor server maintenance and unreliable network configuration. There are several ways the cloud can be improved to upgrade the customer’s experience.

  • Providing accessibility anywhere is a crucial part of improving the customer’s experience.
  • ITSM can help personalize each customer’s experience.
  • A Seamless and smooth upgrade should be implemented when the customer wants it.

How Can ITSM Increase Cloud Security?

With all its advantages, keeping information safe in the cloud is still a security concern. Maintaining and securing data is a top priority for nearly every type of organization. ITSM can provide the expertise that in-house staff may not have. They can offer constant monitoring and assistance regarding compliance issues. Critical IT operations such as Hybrid Office 365 Migration and Azure windows 10 VM migration needs 24*7 surveillance and core expertise by ITSM firms. Detailed scans that can access vulnerabilities deep in the system is another example of the type of security that is necessary to protect customers. ITSM can give business peace of mind regarding customer data.

How Can ITSM Improve Mobile Experience?

According to, over 90 percent of every internet user has mobile access. In 2017, 95 percent of users accessed their Facebook accounts on a mobile device. Traffic via tablet and mobile devices has overtaken desktop traffic. Data that is assessable and secure becomes even more important than ever when individuals are accessing the information on different types of personal devices. There are several ways ITSM can improve the mobile experience.

ITSM can help providers interact with customers at every point in the process. This includes effective marketing campaigns, and easier billing process, and faster customer support. Instead of focusing on device configuration that is a one-size-fits-all approach, ITSM can provide ways to personalize each customer’s experience and more effectively design data and content to work efficiently on different devices.

How Can ITSM Provide Better Customer Service?

Great service is one of the most important reasons customers keep coming back to the same business. ITSM can dramatically improve customer service in several specific ways. Better ways of implementing artificial intelligence are one-way ITSM can improve customer service. Chatbots can now be programmed to not only understand more words but to understand the intent and the context of words and phrases. According to Stephen Watts, ITSM can provide improved customer service in several specific ways.

  • Quickly Fix Issues – ITSM can quickly pinpoint and resolve problems so service isn’t disrupted and customers can more quickly regain access. ITSM can provide a service team with quicker and easier access to information at all points of the service process.
  • Resolve the Root Issue – Not only can ITSM fix issues, but can identify and solve the primary causes. This means a customer won’t have to repeatedly experience the same problems.
  • Ongoing Improvement – Making small, yet continual changes will mean the customer’s experience will be constantly improving. ITSM can continually improve the responsiveness of networks and overall performance.

Almost every type of business relies on providing the best customer service possible in order to succeed. ITSM plays a crucial role in bringing together all the necessary components that improve, monitor, and maintain the best customer experience possible.