Is Your Partner Being Unfaithful?


Some people are lucky enough to be in a relationship where they trust their partner and there are no serious problems. However, in many other relationships, there is constant concern about infidelity, and this can create ongoing issues between the two parties.

If you are concerned that your partner might be cheating and being unfaithful, you naturally want to know conclusively one way or another. It is awful living with this sort of suspicion without knowing the truth and finding out that they are cheating is often better than just suspecting they are cheating but not finding out.

How Can You Get a Better Idea?

So, how can you get a better idea of whether your partner may be cheating on you? Well, you could ask outright, and some partners may admit to it if faced with an accusation. However, many others will deny it, and this means you are back at square one – except they will now be more careful because they know you suspect!

It is often best to look for signs that they might be cheating rather than accusing them based solely on gut instinct. For instance, if your partner is received a lot of calls from an unknown number and tends to be cagey when taking the calls, you can use reverse phone tools to try and find out who has been calling. Your partner may have told you it was someone else such as a friend or family member, in which case you will know if they have lied.  

You can also monitor how your partner uses social media, as this can often change when someone is cheating. In the past, your partner may have used social media very little or used it openly in front of you. However, this may have changed recently – they may be using it a lot more than they were. In addition, you may find that they never use social media when you are near them and always go on their computer or phone when it is not in your line of sight.

Looking at habits such as their social life can also help you to get an idea of whether your suspicions are correct. For example, in the past, your partner may have always invited you along when going on nights out with friends. They may even have spent most of their time at home rather than going out. You may have noticed that they are now going out far more than they used to and that you are never invited.

Even their appearance may give you an idea of whether they are up to something. Of course, there is nothing wrong with looking nice and taking pride in appearance. However, if your partner was never really bothered about this before but has suddenly started to take an interest in how they look, this could be a sign that they are out to impress someone.

These are some of the things you can look at if you want to get a better idea of whether your suspicions are founded.