Is The Rise In Cannabis Keeping Some Men From Having Children?


While many places are beginning to open their doors to the cannabis industry, more and more people are bringing up the age-old question. Does smoking marijuana decrease your chances of getting pregnant? And does it affect mens health and their ability to perform normally? Even though there have been numerous studies over the years, the information that is received is often in contrast to other studies on the matter. There is a common consensus however, that smoking marijuana does lead to a lower sperm count in men. 

When the plant is smoked, it reacts with our endocannabinoid system which is linked directly with the production of reproductive hormones in both males and females. While the men’s sperm seemed to tire themselves out too quickly to be of any use, it has been shown that smoking cannabis as a woman also slows down the ovulation process. This is true even for women who have only used a small amount of the plant in the year before they attempted to get pregnant. It has also been proven that smoking marijuana while you are pregnant can lead to an increased risk of miscarriages, as well as it being able to cross the placenta. However, there are not enough studies yet to provide any more information on the health effects of children born while the mother was using cannabis to provide enough accurate information.

As stated previously, for a very long time it has been known that smoking increases the risk of becoming infertile if you are a man. Now that we have more studies and evidence however, there can be more information given on what exactly it does. It does indeed reduce the amount of sperm that is produced and it has also been shown to cause cases of impotence. This can cause even more problems, such as misunderstandings between the couple as the man may feel embarrassed. 

As more and more states legalize CBD, this question is becoming a topic here as well. There have been even fewer studies on CBD than the THC version of the plant, causing the information to be even more sparse. However, there seem to be more benefits of smoking or ingesting the non-active ingredient. A few studies point out the positive effects of the plant on performance anxiety and point out that if someone is feeling less shy, their libido will be more active. Nevertheless, as with the THC version of the plant, many studies claim it helps, as well as many that claim that it hurts. There are many more risks that are being shown right now rather than benefits so most doctors are sharing the same message. 

If you are trying to get pregnant within a short amount of time, the best thing to do is to stop using marijuana as soon as you can. This will even out the female’s ovulation processes, making it a more regular and controllable time frame. For the men reducing your THC or CBD intake can help increase your count and help regulate them back to their normal, slower routine. As well as this, if you are suffering impotence, this could be a solution. As for both of them, quitting will increase their libido, most likely making it easier for the pregnancy to happen sooner and also to be a success. Overall, unfortunately, there are still too few studies done on the effects of the infants born to parents who smoke, which leaves it up mostly for debate what could affect them neurologically or physically. It has been proven though that if a child is born into a home where there are drugs often present, they are more likely to grow up and have an interest in trying these things when they grow into their teens.