Is online bingo better than visiting a bingo hall?


When people think of gambling, it is rare for someone in this day and age to describe a casino lined with slot machines, or wings dedicated to table games. It would no longer be described by the hum of people standing around a roulette table. Gambling these days is characterized by the various games available on online casinos, which site has more and which pays the most. Through the advancements in technology every game that is available in physical casinos is now available online. All of these games have undergone improvements and are made by the best online casino game developers. Amongst these games is a game that has been around since the 16th century: bingo. The game itself and all the rules are very much the same, but it is now available online, with hundreds of new bingo sites appearing each year. It offers many benefits that could make it considerably better than visiting a bingo hall.

Automated process

In a physical game of bingo, a caller would call out numbers that are randomly drawn and participants would dab out those numbers. This requires you to be constantly looking down at your bingo card and back up to the caller. However, with online bingo, this is no longer necessary as the process is automated, so any numbers you have will be dabbed for you. In addition to this, some sites allow you to pre-purchase tickets, so even if you don’t attend the game/s, or if you haven’t been on the site for a while, your winnings will be kept for you as the game continues with or without you. You are also not limited to only one ticket, and most sites allow you to purchase up to 100. This is perfect for those who are really busy, or if some situations require attention, because it means you will never miss a game. 

Bonuses offered by online casinos

Almost every online casino in the world offers welcome bonuses to new players. These bonuses can take the form of free spins for slot games or free money to be used on the site. These bonuses are also offered on sites specifically dedicated to playing bingo. This means that you are able to begin playing without using your own money to purchase tickets, and gives new players an opportunity to learn the game as well as allowing them to decide if they like it. The other benefit of this is that if you are playing on an online casino, you can use the free money to try out other games too, without only limiting yourself to bingo. These bonuses apply to the many kinds of bingo games available such as 30 ball, 80 ball, American or European bingo. 

Can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere

When playing bingo at a bingo hall, you would most likely need to have some knowledge of how the game works before playing. When playing online, this is not the case. Since the process is automated and once the ticket is bought, the game will basically play itself and you will observe. This means that anyone can play the game, even if they haven’t before. Additionally, bingo can be played from the comfort of your own home at any time, meaning that you no longer need to wait for bingo halls to open. It can even be played on your smartphone or tablet which allows you to play on the go, whether it be a quick game while waiting for food at a restaurant or on the bus.  

Playing bingo online has never been easier with benefits such as never having to look at your card, since the sites software automatically dabs the numbers which are called out. You will also never miss another game if you have pre-purchased tickets, as the game continues with or without you, and you will receive your winnings the next time you visit the site. Online casino or bingo site welcome bonuses provide you with an opportunity to begin playing without using your own money, which is perfect if you are new to the game and want to see if it is for you. You are also able to play anywhere at any time using your laptop or smartphone, which allows you to play while on the go.