Is North Carolina becoming the centre of online casinos and the Metaverse?


North Carolina may become the next hub of research for the metaverse, online gambling, and other emerging technologies thanks to a perfect combination of IT firms, colleges, and top-notch network infrastructure.

The place to be

Since the 1950s, when a cluster of nearby colleges led observers to refer to a nine-county area in the state as the “Research Triangle,” North Carolina has been a center of technical advancement. 

As Americans and the rest of the world spend more time hunting for the latest casino offers and using online casinos as a source of entertainment, opportunities exist for North Carolinian firms to profit from this new digital age of gambling. 

The history of gambling and betting in North Carolina is similar to that of many other places; it is so ingrained in society. Despite having a lengthy history, the iGaming industry has never allowed itself to become complacent.

Online betting has experienced a large increase in the ten years leading up to 2022, and this change is growing every year. You might be surprised to learn how modern and cutting-edge the business has become and that residents here have the capabilities to harness this technology to impact the competitive industry of iGaming.

Opportunity calls

With universities like Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, Apple investing $1 billion in the development of a new campus in North Carolina, and companies like Epic Games announcing plans to build their new headquarters in Cary, this region is quickly emerging as the go-to destination for digital developers and designers.

North Carolina’s reasonably strong network infrastructure, especially in the state’s capital city of Raleigh, is one of the reasons why it appeals to businesses with a digital focus. Raleigh’s proximity to powerful network infrastructure played a role in drawing talent from high-bandwidth businesses in the IT, social media, and gaming industries.

While iGaming presents opportunities, the metaverse is still very much alive and full of possibilities for those able to innovate. As the word on the street is that the Metaverse is dying and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now much poorer, others see it differently and are moving to North Carolina to create high-quality digital ventures of all shapes and sizes.

New deals

The fact that the North Carolina state government is actively promoting the growth of tech-focused enterprises in the region is beneficial. North Carolina established a $5 million grant fund for esports in partnership with Subnation, an esports entertainment holding company, making it the first U.S. state to officially incentivize esports in this way. This is in addition to the state government’s subsidy deal with Apple, which made headlines for promising the company up to $846 million in funding over the next 39 years.

While the deal turned heads and was labeled terrible by many, having lost out to both South Carolina and Alabama in bids to create plants for German auto manufacturers BWM and Mercedes-Benz in the past, this new tech focus is a major coup for the region.

It appears that the development of Silicon Valley can be compared to the presence of tech businesses in North Carolina and the talent pool that those companies will undoubtedly attract and nurture in the area. While it’s still early days, there is hope that the people drawn to the area will innovate to create their own companies that operate within the metaverse and iGaming industries.